Aspect™ General Features

  • Multi-disease, multi-device connectivity platform
  • Diagnostic results delivered in real-time
  • Manages TB, MDR-TB, HIV Viral Load, HIV EID, HCV Viral Load, Ebola, Zika, and more
  • Automated SMS/Email/Voice notifications and reports
  • One-click installer for easy setup and configuration
  • Open API for secure integration with other systems
  • Technical assistance for scale-up of HIV VL and EID testing at a national level
  • Secure, reliable central database (cloud-based or in-country)
  • Flexible permissions-based system to grant access to data by user role
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  • Monthly/quarterly reports automatically emailed to stakeholders 
  • Cartridge reports for usage and inventory 
  • Integration with CHAI’s LIMS, DHIS-2, lab information systems and national health systems 
  • One simple view to see your real-time data 
  • Instant alerts for assay results, device status, and more
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Custom data capture

  • Record critical data from a Lab Request Form at test sites
  • Capture additional patient & test data when test is started (for example patient age, sex, disease status, pregnancy status, phone, address, reason for test, clinician name, etc)
  • Custom data available in reports, SMS notifications, APIs, and downloads
  • Connect diagnosis to patient treatment through matching patient fields
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  • Monitor real-time view of all cartridges in country 
  • Add new inventory, transfer between locations, and reconcile inventory on hand 
  • See utilization rates by site, by region, or at the national level 
  • Predict, report, and prevent stock outs and cartridge expiration 
  • Forecast cartridge and instrument needs 
  • Plan future procurement by partner on quarterly or annual basis
The SystemOne team installs 2G/3G data capabilities in a remote lab in Swaziland

The SystemOne team installs 2G/3G data capabilities in a remote lab in Swaziland


  • Connect diagnostic devices in real-time
    • Via Internet
    • Via Mobile Data Networks (2G/3G/4G)
    • Via SMS Network (for remote locations)
  • Connect single Devices with USB modems
  • Connect labs with multiple Devices using smart 3G router


  • Record all maintenance request, service, and repair events
  • Initiate service requests from the diagnostic device or computer
  • Track calibration dates and warranty coverage & expiration
  • Receive automatic notifications when calibrations are due or warranties expire

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