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Click on the logo for a full list of features.


SystemOne's Aspect Software:

Aspect™ is SystemOne's integrated data management system that transmits information from medical diagnostic devices in remote areas of the world and presents it clearly to the people who need it most.

Since 2012 SystemOne has been connecting devices and labs in some of the most technologically isolated places in the world and capturing and transmitting critical data to inform and address public health. We work with Ministries of Health (MoH), diagnostic device makers, clinical workers and global healthcare organizations and funders. Our systems are deployed in more than 33 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and we are rapidly expanding. Our menu of managed diseases includes TB, HIV, HCV, Zika, Ebola and more.

  • Aspect improves patient outcomes by providing faster, better quality health data.
  • Aspect reduces response time to disease outbreaks.
  • Aspect saves money by managing device uptime and inventory, and by eliminating costly, manual data transmission.






Our dashboards are tailored to specific devices and specific user requirements, making the most of actionable information.

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