Disease intelligence for rapid detection and response!

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When information moves faster than disease, everyone wins. The Aspect software platform integrates with diagnostic devices to bring test results to clinicians, partners, and program staff through a private and secure communications network and extremely flexible reporting mechanisms. Delivering comprehensive disease surveillance, Aspect transparently handles everything from communicating test results to monitoring instrument operations. Patients can even be alerted when results are available. 

Aspect provides visibility into disease and logistics at the local, state, and country level, using private MOH-dedicated servers to deliver test results and instrument performance data from any diagnostic device. The result of years of direct, in-country experience. Aspect is now in use by more than 40 countries in more than 2,500 clinical settings. 

Better Disease Intelligence for Better Disease Management

Aspect connects lab devices to allow diagnostic result tracking for TB, HIV, HCV, Ebola, Zika and other diseases. The system automates and sends custom notifications for summary test results and trends, commodities management, error rates, utilization rates, and more. Notifications are sent via SMS or email, and automated reports are sent to multiple recipients on demand or on your schedule. 

Designed for simple, rapid deployment, Aspect works with local systems and may be hosted on SystemOne's secure, reliable servers, or locally. 

Modern Technology for Scalability and Integration

Aspect is an Active Data Network optimized for healthcare information. Every diagnostic device in a country can be connected via cellular data networks using smart 2G/3G routers, for rapid, secure data transmission. Results and analyses are delivered to the healthcare team via internet, cellular data network, and SMS.

Advanced Features for Clinical and Operational Control

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Manage Results Automatically for Faster, Better Treatment

  • Deliver diagnostic results to clinician, supervisor, and ministry

  • Collect and protect patient data (age, sex, reason for test, etc.)

  • Link diagnosis to treatment through custom patient fields


Deliver Data and Analysis to Streamline Your Programs

  • Generate and deliver disease summary and diagnostic reports automatically

  • Integrate with national LIS, LIMS, DHS-2 to streamline data capture and use

  • Monitor quality and performance


Manage Supplies to Anticipate and Avoid Stockouts

  • Monitor supplies and disposables by lab

  • Manage inventory stock and transfers between location

  • Analyze consumption rates by site

  • Forecast consumable needs

Monitor Device Performance, Errors, Downtime, and Warranty

  • Analyze utilization and errors

  • Record maintenance requests, service and repairs

  • Initiate service requests from manufacturer

  • Track calibration dates and warranty coverage

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The SystemOne Commitment to Global Healthcare

Get patients on treatment faster with comprehensive Disease Intelligence.

Get patients on treatment faster with comprehensive Disease Intelligence.

SystemOne provides end-to-end connectivity support for devices connected to Aspect. SystemOne engagement means continuous innovation of the platform, integrations with other IT or patient systems, and the ability to connect new instruments or assays as they enter the market. SystemOne provides all training, installation, and repairs, including in-country travel for service.

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