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Corona virus

Moving critical COVID-19 diagnostic and operational data to the right people at the right time

Our Aspect® software platform now supports the new COVID-19 module for Cepheid’s Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2 rapid molecular diagnostic test, bringing rapid, accurate and standardized connected diagnostic data to clinicians, partners, and program staff through a private and secure communications network.


Aspect is optimized to communicate healthcare data in low-resource settings. Every diagnostic device testing for coronavirus in a country can be connected via cellular data network using smart 2G/3G routers, for rapid and secure data transmission. A connected network shortens the time from diagnosis to patient management, thereby reducing transmission rates for highly infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Aspect achieves this by delivering COVID-19 diagnostic test results in real-time to the patient, healthcare provider and other stakeholders in order to drive timely response. Aspect also enables transparency into device performance by monitoring utilization and error rates as well as inventory levels, allowing state and national health officers to efficiently manage cartridge stock and prevent lab stockouts.

Aspect’s disease- and device-independence translates into major flexibility, which means that you can add data streams, such as Abbott’s m2000 device results, to Aspect as they become available.


With years of direct in-country experience, Aspect and GxAlert currently support GeneXpert devices in more than 3000 testing sites in over 40 countries. We can leverage this expertise to support continuity of essential services for people affected with TB and/or HIV and maximize joint support to fight COVID-19. Existing GxAlert networks can be quickly assessed and remotely upgraded to utilize the new Cepheid COVID-19 cartridge. New instances of Aspect and connected networks can be remotely created by our team and will utilize Aspect and Aspect Reporter from initiation.


The Aspect COVID-19 dashboard and COVID-19 Aspect Reporter mobile app transparently handles critical data needed for outbreak response.


  • Automated capture of COVID-19 results from GeneXpert device into Aspect

  • COVID-19 Module dashboard

  • Real-time, customized notifications via SMS or email, including contact tracing information and test result dissemination

  • Monitoring patient follow-up and outcomes

  • Summary statistics on test numbers, diagnosed cases, recovery and mortality rates

  • Management of critical lab and clinic inventory

  • Monitoring of instrument operations

  • Automated reports to key stakeholders

  • Real time surveillance.

Technical Considerations

  • SystemOne will provide free assessment of existing GeneXpert fleet to determine device capacities

  • Cepheid Xpert software v4.7b and up will support the COVID-19 test

  • Present utilization rates

  • Remote upgrade of GxAlert software for existing users  (no travel necessary)

  • Setup of Aspect on a private web server for new users of the system with eventual transition to in-country server

  • Integration of the companion mobile app, Aspect Reporter, and set up of national, regional and local contact lists in Aspect.

  • Remote training and support services

  • API Integration of COVID-19 result entries to national health and other eHealth systems

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