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Our Solutions Span Every Network and Every Communication Protocol. But in some places, even 2G is a luxury.

While many companies design communication protocols and data visualizations in their labs, doing it in the field is a completely different matter. Doing it reliably is even more challenging.

SystemOne understands connectivity, data transmission and data interpretation beyond the laboratory. We help your devices communicate in the best way to improve outcomes at all levels.

GxAlert, based on the Aspect software platform and designed to work with the Cepheid's GeneXpert®, has grown to cover 35 countries and more than 750 laboratories.  Connecting equipment to our system takes only minutes and most installations require only a local technician and streamlined remote training. To connect labs/devices, we must install or teach local contacts to install:

  • some software on the GeneXpert machine

  • and a modem/router with SIM cards for local data service

  • The complete process can take as little as 15 minutes.

Our customers credit our service with impact on:

  • Clinical work, through text-messaging to provide real-time alerts about diagnoses to appropriate clinical staff;

  • Supply chain management, with dashboards enabling manufacturers and health systems to understand any number of metrics from the field, including diagnostic information, use of resources, human error rates, and device malfunctions;

  • Health policy, allowing ministries of health to understand how disease is moving and where to focus resources in real time.

"How It Works" Video

Why is GxAlert no longer open source? If you’d like to understand more about open source and why we’ve chosen not to keep GxAlert as an open source project, please click here.

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