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SystemOne Connects Molbio TrueLab in Bangladesh

SystemOne Wins Contract to Connect Molbio Diagnostic Instruments in Bangladesh through the Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance Project

NORTHAMPTON, MA, and JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, March 22, 2023 – SystemOne, the leader in developing and installing digital infrastructure for infectious disease diagnostics programs worldwide, will be adding a national deployment of Molbio Diagnostics Truenat® instruments to its digital infrastructure in Bangladesh. The initiative is funded through the USAID Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance (IDDS) project, which is led by global consulting and technology services provider ICF.  

“The IDDS project helps quickly deploy resources where they are needed for infectious disease detection and surveillance,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “The Molbio Truenat device shows enormous promise as a polyvalent diagnostic tool, which is exactly what our Aspect connectivity platform was designed for.”

This national deployment of Truenat devices will complement the already widespread network of diagnostic devices on the Aspect platform. “We have spent the last few years redesigning our digital infrastructure to ensure that it could accommodate multiple types of devices for a wide range of infectious diseases,” said Bryan Richards, CTO, SystemOne. “In Bangladesh, the National TB Program professionals, as well as our local partner 4axiz, have been a wonderful help in deploying the digital infrastructure rapidly and seamlessly.”

Truenat® is the world’s first point-of-care molecular diagnostics platform approved by both WHO and ICMR for detecting TB and Rifampicin resistance and now offers an MTB-INH test to detect Isoniazid resistance, which is a major cause of treatment failure, relapse and further drug resistance in TB patients.

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ICF combines deep domain expertise with leading-edge technology solutions to help clients address their greatest challenges. ICF collaborates with country partners and international development agencies to design and implement projects that promote sustainable, resilient societies. The company’s global health teams strengthen public health capacities while collaborating across sectors, navigating the critical relationships between health, nutrition, climate, and resilience.

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USAID’s Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance (IDDS) project operates in more than 20 countries in Africa and Asia where there are significant gaps in health systems’ ability to detect, track, and rapidly respond to infectious diseases and drug-resistant infections that pose a major threat to public health and global health security. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of USAID or the U.S. government.

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About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing solutions for disease surveillance and response. SystemOne has offices in Northampton, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa. The company’s new disease intelligence software, Aspect®, addresses numerous infectious diseases including Zika, Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C, TB, COVID-19, and more on a host of medical diagnostic devices.


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