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SystemOne Celebrates New Contracts, Builds Capacity, Expands Aspect

Updated: Jun 11

NORTHAMPTON, MA, June 6, 2024 — SystemOne, the leading provider of connectivity for medical diagnostic instruments across high disease burden countries (HBCs), has won several new contracts across the globe, including installations or renewals in Myanmar, Nigeria, Eswatini and Bangladesh. In both Bangladesh and Nigeria, the engagements include an expansion SystemOne’s local talent to help service and support the National Tuberculosis Program needs. 

SystemOne’s diagnostic connectivity and lab-strengthening software packages, Aspect and Aspect Mobile, enable stronger disease detection, response, and health security by providing real-time intelligence and diagnostic network optimization to infectious disease programs worldwide.

A Vision for the Future

SystemOne envisions the point of diagnosis as the frontline in stopping disease spread. Our products are designed to make diagnostic data available, accurate and interoperable. 

By empowering health workers with Aspect and Aspect Mobile, we enable a proactive approach to disease management, ensuring rapid clinical response and better operational management. Our commitment to innovation and integration continues to drive our partnerships with countries worldwide, strengthening laboratory systems, optimizing networks, and enhancing global health security.

Aspect: Accelerating Disease Detection and Response

Designed to connect critical diagnostic test results to clinicians, partners, and program staff through a secure network, Aspect automates: sharing test results, monitoring diagnostic instruments, aggregating and parsing data, and automating reports. The application ensures that key personnel are alerted about clinical and operational needs immediately, and provides unparalleled visibility into disease and instrument operations at the local, state, and country levels. Aspect's capabilities include:

  • Real-Time Data Transmission: Automatically delivers test results from any diagnostic device to healthcare teams, which accelerates response times, and updates reports daily.

  • Result-based Notifications: Sends custom alerts for summary test results, trends, and more via SMS or email.

  • Scalable and Flexible Integration: Operates seamlessly with local systems and can adapt to new data streams, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of deployment.

SystemOne continuously updates and upgrades these capabilities, and is currently releasing a new set of customized reports to all countries using Aspect, including Enhanced Device Tracking functionality and Overall Network Health showing device statuses throughout a network. As CEO Chris Macek says, "You can't manage what you don't measure."

Aspect Mobile: Ensuring a Continuum of Care

Aspect Mobile, redesigned in 2023, offers a user-friendly interface that supports health workers in managing the entire diagnostic process from sample registration to treatment confirmation. Key features include:

  • Sample Tracking: Registers samples at the point of care and generates unique sample IDs to prevent loss of critical patient results.

  • Automated Delivery: Fully automates the delivery, receipt, and acknowledgment of test results, ensuring timely information flow.

  • Outcome Recording: Tracks the journey of samples and results, confirming when treatment is initiated and recording treatment outcomes.

  • Remote data collection: Aspect Mobile helps increase geographical coverage for disease mitigation and also programmatic understanding of disease spread.

  • Offline and Online modes make remote connectivity a reality, where Offline Mode enables health workers to continue their work, knowing that their inputs (specimen registration, treatment confirmation) will be uploaded when connectivity is restored.

Supporting Supply Management and Cost Reduction

High-quality diagnostics come with significant costs, including expensive supplies. Aspect helps health systems monitor and optimize the use of supplies and devices, ensuring efficient resource utilization, including:

  • Inventory Monitoring: Track supplies and disposables by lab and manage inventory stock by site.

  • Performance Analysis: Diagnose repair needs and optimize the use of expensive reagents.

  • Forecasting Needs: Analyze consumption rates and forecast future consumable needs accurately.

Aspect's supply management components are already in use in several countries, while its functionality is currently being improved based on feedback from other countries.

About SystemOne:

SystemOne is a global leader in disease intelligence for rapid diagnostic solutions. Our platform connects diagnostic instruments to facilitate data transmission and management, creating a digital backbone for diagnostics for rapid disease and device management, monitoring and evaluation. We partner with governments and NGOs to provide timely, actionable insights that enhance patient care and strengthen public health systems. The company’s disease-agnostic software, Aspect®, has been used to manage diagnostic networks for infectious diseases that include Zika, Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C, TB, COVID-19 and more, on a host of medical diagnostic devices.


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