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2019 Union World Conference on Lung Health

By Nancy Brown

SystemOne at the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Hyderabad: Ending the Emergency with Science, Leadership, and Action

SystemOne staff traveled to Hyderabad, India in late October to join 3500 professionals from nearly 130 countries for the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health. This annual conference is the premier global lung health meeting and as such was marked by key announcements regarding vaccine research breakthroughs, drug price reductions, advances in TB science and exciting new approaches to care driven by patient-centered interventions. Conference highlights included:

  • Patients First. The StopTB Partnership’s Re-imagining TB Care Now and in the Future Consultation Session was a pre-conference highlight. The invitation-only event brought dozens of innovators together to discuss ways to put patients—and their wish lists for the kind of TB care they want to receive—at the center of TB interventions through Human-Centered Design principles. As SystemOne’s customers and shareholders know, identifying patients with TB and creating a delivery system for timely treatment that the patient can and will comply with is critical to fighting this disease. Our technology makes accurate identification and prompt delivery possible in even the most resource-limited settings. Key needs and opportunities that emerged from the session included the simplification of procurement by bundling of technologies; leveraging emerging technology solutions such as artificial intelligence, digital health solutions, and telecare; and supplying healthcare providers with a packaged set of effective solutions across the TB care model.

  • Every Patient and Every Diagnosis Connected and Accounted For - Globally. Diagnostic accountability drives innovation at SystemOne. At the conference, we hosted a well-attended satellite session panel featuring Chris Macek, CEO of SystemOne, Madu Pai of McGill University, Kelly Collins of SureAdhere, Andrew Cross of Everwell, and Raghu Dharmaraju of the Wadhwani Foundation in Mumbai. The group discussed how integrating connected diagnostics, digital adherence and information and communications technologies (ICT) together with artificial intelligence (AI), can dramatically accelerate improvements in the fight to end TB.

  • The Promise of Artificial Intelligence. AI programs that can read digital x-rays with the accuracy of an experienced clinician and new screening technologies are becoming available for more rapid case finding, diagnosis, and treatment. SystemOne’s vision is to seamlessly integrate our established platforms such as Aspect/GxAlert with these and other new technologies to further enrich the data available to NTP decision-makers and clinicians and ultimately to benefit patients.

Funders and NGOs rightfully view data as a critical component of informing the fight against the TB epidemic. The accurate and rapid movement of diagnostic data will not only help with clinical outcomes but also help optimize investments on the ground.

At SystemOne, we like to say, “when information moves faster than disease, humanity wins.” We look forward to continuing to make that possible in HIV, TB and other major disease areas.


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