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LMICs can now leverage COVID-19 diagnostic data in near real-time with the new Abbott m2000 assay and Aspect®

Updated: Mar 18

April 30, 2020

Our Aspect connectivity solution and software for rapid diagnostic data delivery and management is optimized for immediate use with a range of diagnostic machines already in place that are essential to the COVID-19 response in LMICs, including the Abbott m2000.

The Abbott m2000 device and its new COVID-19 assay, like many other diagnostic tests authorized for emergency use, will prove critical to a successful worldwide Coronavirus response. This high throughput PCR device and its RealTime SARS-CoV-2 EUA test  “allows scalable, automated processing for flexible testing volume (24-96 samples) and up to 470 patient samples in 24 hours.” But without a connectivity solution in place, the majority of LMIC’s will have to move their COVID-19 data the usual way: manually, slowly, often transporting samples and test results via motorbike or mail courier from central lab to patient care site. Given that the only effective weapon we currently have against the COVID-19 pandemic is the isolation of positive cases to control further transmission of this highly infectious disease, systems that can connect and move diagnostic data in near real-time are as important as the diagnostic tests themselves.  

SystemOne has long been known for its ability to dramatically shorten the critical turnaround time from test result to action taken, through its GxAlert connectivity solution and software which focused primarily on Cepheid’s GeneXpert device. The newest iteration of GxAlert, Aspect, can network and display test results from a range of diagnostic devices, including Abbott m2000 devices, reducing the turnaround time by days and weeks. With Aspect, a single network and a single platform, Ministries of Health can fully utilize polyvalent testing and view, manage and analyze COVID-19, HIV, and TB test results in near real time for a faster response to the COVID pandemic and other infectious diseases.

As governments form a national COVID-19 response, three key principles have consistently been cited by donors regarding the choice of technologies used to combat the outbreak. First, it is recommended governments leverage reliable systems already in place. Second, invest in systems that will strengthen the overall health system and its future expansion. And third, ensure local direction and ownership of the decision making and response, integrating new funding to meet immediate and longer term ICT national strategic plans. SystemOne’s GxAlert system has been deployed in over 40 countries and is scaled nationally in over 20 countries in collaboration with local government ministries of health. Leveraging a reliable network to meet the COVID challenge meets the high bar set by donors. SystemOne is uniquely positioned with its flexible Aspect platform to do that in a range of countries utilizing the Abbott m2000, GeneXpert, or a range of other diagnostic devices already in place.


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