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SystemOne Acquires Global Connectivity in Bid to Accelerate Connected Diagnostics in Developing Countries

Updated: Mar 18

Capabilities bring together deep expertise in data communication and developing world networks

Springfield, MA – June 16, 2016 - SystemOne Technologies, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Global Connectivity LLC, of Somerville MA. The acquisition brings together SystemOne’s Aspect software platform, offering real-time visibility into diagnostics and medical devices, with Global Connectivity’s implementation, SIM, and global data expertise. Together, the companies help device makers focus on their core business and connect to their instruments in the developing world rapidly and cost-effectively.

SystemOne enables cost-effective data transmission and usage over challenging, fragile cellular data networks. The company is known and trusted by global NGOs and Ministries of Health who value the Aspect software as a single, manufacturer-agnostic platform to monitor numerous diseases and medical devices.

“Combining forces creates a powerful capability all under one roof. SystemOne brings the most proven, fastest-growing platform; and we bring the experience of how to bring these networks to scale in-country and keep them working,” said Jeff Takle, former CEO of Global Connectivity, who becomes Chief Development Officer at SystemOne with the acquisition. “We can truly enable real-time disease monitoring and response, along with unprecedented device and supply management capabilities that will save device makers and donors millions of dollars.”

“We have worked together in the field for several years,” said Chris Macek, CEO of Systemone. “Our teams are complimentary and our combined solutions already deliver enormous value in 30 countries. We realized that we can develop faster and solve many more challenges if we’re operating as a single company.”


SystemOne was founded in 2012 by the creators of the first generation of medical device connectivity in the developing world. The company deploys its Aspect software for device connectivity in 30 countries, for multiple medical diagnostic devices and diseases. SystemOne also specializes in setting up connectivity systems to support the software in locations with challenging, heterogeneous telecom networks.

SystemOne was formed to rapidly accelerate disease detection and treatment, realizing the promise of modern medical devices with real-time data transmission and communication. We work closely with Ministries of Health, Implementing Partners, Donors, and Global Governance Bodies to ensure the best outcomes from their investments in new diagnostic technologies.

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