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SystemOne Announces 4 New Countries Using GxAlert for Diagnostic Data

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SystemOne Announces 4 New Countries Using GxAlert for Diagnostic Data

Ministries of Health Grow their Impact with Connected Diagnostics

Boston, MA (April 10, 2017) -- SystemOne, a connected diagnostics company developing data-driven healthcare insight and solutions, announces 4 new GxAlert implementations in Africa and the Middle East. SystemOne develops software and networking solutions to move and make use of data from diagnostic instruments focused on infectious disease. SystemOne users receive over 20,000 instant alerts from diagnostic devices each month and benefit from a host of supervisory and quality-improving features, all designed to speed time to treatment for patients and improve program effectiveness for health ministries.

SystemOne’s technology moves and interprets data from numerous devices and diseases, including TB and MDR/XDR TB, Ebola, Zika, HIV, HVC and more. GxAlert, SystemOne’s first software platform, is used in over 35 countries. The new implementations include:

Botswana - SystemOne recently connected all GeneXperts nationally. Botswana was also the first country to participate in the SystemOne’s “Deep Data Dive” program. This 5-day initiative focused on discovering trends and learning from the rich data provided from diagnostic devices connected through the GxAlert platform.  

Swaziland - The Swaziland GxAlert team set a new record for the fastest time to implementation by connecting more than 50% of the country’s devices over a period of 3 days. The team completed its national rollout in under a month.

Burkina Faso - The Burkina Faso GxAlert pilot project kicked-off in Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso connecting several diagnostic instruments. The team took advantage of the French-version of GxAlert as well as the newly added French-custom-fields data collection tool to improve programmatic reporting and patient treatment.

Bangladesh - Bangladesh scaled up its previous 5-facility pilot project to begin a national rollout of GxAlert to 39 instruments with an additional 6 to come online in the next few months. Bangladesh is the first country to roll out with the new Inventory and Stock Management features of GxAlert and integrate these features into the scaling up process.

“We’re excited to add to the numerous countries using GxAlert,” said Brad Cunningham, Vice President of Implementation. “These countries are benefiting from the latest version of GxAlert, which we are improving all the time, even as we develop a whole new connectivity platform.”

Upgrading Existing GxAlert Users:

As SystemOne prepares to launch its newest platform, Aspect, all existing GxAlert customers, including those with in-country servers, can receive the latest updates, extra features and improved layouts to the GxAlert platform at no additional cost.

This includes complimentary training for the new features and seamless data migration from the previous version. In addition, all customers can now use SystemOne’s recently improved user support capabilities to include free training webinars and our 24-hour support portal.

About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing game-changing big data solutions for connected diagnostic devices. SystemOne’s flagship product, GxAlert, is a medical device software that collects and shares data that:

  1. alerts health officials when positive disease results are detected,

  2. reduces time to treatment by getting patients enrolled earlier,

  3. saves health systems hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory waste,

  4. provides real-time and complete disease surveillance monitoring capabilities,

  5. serves approximately 1,500 tuberculosis and Ebola labs and clinics,

  6. sends over 30,000 messages and alerts every month

  7. is a simple, user-friendly data visualization tool helping to accelerate treatment and streamline health care systems in 35 countries,

  8. is currently available in seven languages: English, French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Russian, Vietnamese, and German.

The company’s new connectivity software, Aspect®, addresses additional infectious diseases, including Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C and more on a host of diagnostic devices.

SystemOne has offices in Springfield and Boston, MA, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa.

To contact SystemOne, email:

Stay Updated on Twitter and Instagram @SystemOneCo


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