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SystemOne Announces GxAlert and Aspect Now Support HCV and Upgraded Connection to OpenLDR

SystemOne’s commitment to linking diagnosis to treatment expands to address additional diseases and co-infections

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa – April 29, 2019 - SystemOne, which provides the digital backbone for infectious disease diagnostics, announced today that the platforms  Aspect® and GxAlert® now transmit HCV data (Hepatitis C Virus). Aspect and GxAlert have processed and transmitted thousands of Xpert® HCV Viral Load results in several resource-limited geographies. The platforms can also process HCV results from other devices and assays.

With HCV now curable, moving HCV diagnostic data in near real-time is critical to closing gaps between diagnosis and treatment, identifying disease hot-spots and raising cure rates, in addition to increasing efficiencies and reducing the extraordinary costs associated with infectious disease diagnostics and treatment.

An estimated 71 million people are infected with chronic HCV, and the disease is responsible for an estimated 399,000 deaths per year and 1.75 million new infections annually, according to the World Health Organization. Unlike some other infectious diseases, for example HIV and TB, the number of deaths due to viral hepatitis is increasing.

“Appropriate medicine can cure over 95% of persons infected with Hepatitis C,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “But robust data solutions are needed to inform clinical, logistical, global health and pharmaceutical resources about where and how to deploy resources. In addition strong data solutions will reduce loss to follow-up, increase treatment adherence and allow health ministries to understand treatment and program efficacy.”

Link to OpenLDR

SystemOne also announces an upgraded link to the Open Laboratory Data Repository (OpenLDR). The OpenLDR provides a single storage location for country-wide electronic data regarding laboratory requests and results. This allows laboratory managers to easily view relevant data for the entire country, different geographic levels or detailed data down to the lab and section.

“While our platforms were always able to link to OpenLDR, we’ve made substantial changes to integrate with Mozambique’s installation in particular,” said Stefan Baumgartner, Chief Product Engineer, SystemOne. “This upgraded link can now be used in any country to securely transmit results on a schedule to OpenLDR.”

SystemOne provides a variety of reports to countries to help them understand HCV diagnostics and results in near real-time.

Image credit: BruceBlaus - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne produces the digital backbone of diagnostics in high disease-burden countries. SystemOne offices are located in Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa. The company’s new data platform, Aspect®, is designed from the ground up to work with any disease and any device. To contact SystemOne, email:

To contact SystemOne, email:

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