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SystemOne Celebrates 10 Million Results

Developing Nations Around the Globe Have Unprecedented Access to Diagnostic Accountability as a Result of SystemOne’s Innovative Platform, Aspect®

SystemOne today celebrates sending over 10 million TB, Ebola, HIV and other diagnostic results for patients around the world. Founded in 2012, SystemOne had one very broad goal: to leverage internet-enabled devices to create rapid and far-reaching change in health systems throughout the developing world, even in low-resource settings with intermittent bandwidth and unstable power supplies.  Now, thanks to amazing collaborations with ministries of health, implementing partners and funding agencies, SystemOne has, through its innovative platforms, been able to realize that goal and send, regardless of the customer’s global location, timely results and notifications through SMS and email, smartphone apps, automated reports, dashboards and APIs.

The journey began in Nigeria, where SystemOne’s founder, Chris Macek, learned that Nigeria had multiple GeneXpert machines – which perform molecular tests that detect the presence of TB bacteria as well as drug resistance – but no mechanism to transmit results in real-time. This delay between TB diagnosis and communication of results significantly compromised patient care because it could take weeks – even months – between patient screening, diagnosis, and treatment, posing enormous problems, particularly for cases of drug-resistant TB. In response, SystemOne started working on an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platform that would connect all of Nigeria’s GeneXpert machines.

Working with Nigeria’s National TB Program, the company went through several software iterations, constantly refining the platform to meet the needs of the health system. Since then, SystemOne has expanded well beyond Nigeria to work with over 45 countries, most of which were interested in TB and GeneXpert, although others wanted data on Ebola, HCV, HIV and other diseases.

Medical diagnostics are key to identifying and responding to disease as quickly as possible“, said Chris Macek, Founder and CEO of SystemOne. “Unfortunately, the power of diagnostics cannot be unlocked if results aren’t reported and appropriate treatment given. If data can move faster than disease, we have a fighting chance against rapidly-spreading infectious diseases.

 SystemOne’s current product, Aspect® communicates test results, provides a platform to review data, monitors instrument operations, notifies patients when test results are ready, and is now used in more than 2,500 clinical settings. SystemOne is excited to celebrate this big milestone and continue to provide timely infectious disease diagnostic results.


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