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SystemOne Completes Internationalization work on GxAlert and Aspect Platforms

New Custom Fields Also Released - Eases Local Adoption and Helps Accelerate Use of Diagnostic Data

A GxAlert screen showing interface in Ukrainian

Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa – SystemOne announced today the completion of several months of internationalization (i18n) work on GxAlert and Aspect, the digital backbone platforms used to move diagnostic data in over 40 countries. The internationalization features help users in various countries work with the platform without needing to adapt to unfamiliar formats for dates, numbers and even special characters.

“This important i18n work helps users get more comfortable with these systems,” Said Stefan Baumgartner, Chief Product Engineer and co-founder, SystemOne. “Moving diagnostic data quickly can reduce time to treatment, save lives, save money in inventory and device management, reduce support costs and ultimately play a big role in fighting infectious disease. But only if people are using the system!”

The changes to SystemOne’s Aspect and GxAlert platforms include:

  • International dates and numbers, ensuring that these display in the way that local staff are used to seeing

  • Support for a variety of calendars, such as the solar calendar used in Ethiopia. This can be used to enter dates of birth and more. With this new capability, GxAlert and Aspect can be modified for many other calendars with little additional effort.

  • Inclusion of new alphabets, including Vietnamese characters, which can be used in GxAlert and Aspect reports.

“Even the best systems can be installed but never meet their objectives if the users don’t feel good about using them,” said Chris Macek, CEO and co-founder, SystemOne. “While i18n is often expected, and many companies claim to do it, doing it well is not an easy lift. We took many months to design the features so that they’re easily used and customized in any country.”

Image: Sample details using Ethiopian calendar

About SystemOne:

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About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing solutions for disease surveillance and response. SystemOne has offices in Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa. The company’s new disease intelligence software, Aspect®, addresses numerous infectious diseases including Zika, Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C and more on a host of diagnostic devices. To contact SystemOne, email: info@systemone.idTo contact SystemOne, email:

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Image: Sample intake screen in Vietnamese

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