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SystemOne Establishes Local Hub for Connecting Diagnostics in Africa

Updated: Mar 18

Integrates New Talent to Grow Connected Diagnostics Implementation Team in South Africa

Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa - October 12, 2016 -- SystemOne, a software company focused on connecting diagnostics and providing data-driven platform solutions for the developing world, today announced the opening of its South Africa office, where SystemOne is locating its already-established implementation team. To lead its Implementation Team based in Johannesburg, SystemOne hired the former team at Lucerae Consulting, a five-year-old consultancy with in-depth experience developing technical solutions for improving data management related to the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Lucerae worked exclusively in the high burden disease countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Vice President of Implementation, Brad Cunningham (former Managing Director of Lucerae) will lead the SystemOne Connected Diagnostics Implementation Team and Mari Beytel, formerly at Lucerae, also joins SystemOne as Senior Trainer. The South Africa office is currently hiring additional staff to fill both technical and training roles.

“Given the enormous amount of work we do in high disease-burden African countries and the accessibility of Johannesburg, we recognized South Africa as the ideal place to locate our implementation team,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “While our software offers a simple connected diagnostics platform, primarily for Ministries of Health, implementations in low-bandwidth areas with limited infrastructure are never simple. Mr. Cunningham’s expertise has already been helpful to SystemOne, and we are thrilled to have him leading our Africa-based team.”

“I have admired SystemOne’s approach to building a multi-device, multi-disease software connectivity platform for a long time,” said Brad Cunningham, VP of Implementation, SystemOne. “Their unique perspective based on ministries of health requirements, combined with Lucerae’s deep understanding of in-country technical capabilities, is already demonstrating how to make connectivity more useful, less expensive, and faster.”

SystemOne’s initial software platform, GxAlert, has been used by diagnostic laboratories in 32 countries for devices focused on multiple diseases, including Zika, Malaria, HIV, TB and Ebola. The software has been deployed at national scale in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. SystemOne’s dashboards help Ministries of Health, International Financing Organizations and Device Manufacturers manage programmatic implementations of lab- and health systems strengthening efforts.  SystemOne’s messaging and alert software module delivers over 30,000 SMS and email messages each month, alerting clinical and administrative staff about disease incidence, diagnostic device malfunctions or other notifications.

About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing game-changing data-based solutions for connected diagnostic devices.  The company initially targeted TB,  a treatable disease that infects 8 million people per year and kills 2 million. SystemOne’s flagship product, GxAlert, is a medical device connectivity software that collects and shares data that:

  1. alerts health officials when deadly drug resistant TB is detected,

  2. reduces time to treatment by getting patients enrolled earlier,

  3. saves health systems hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory waste, and

  4. provides real-time and complete disease surveillance monitoring capabilities.

The company’s new connectivity software, Aspect, addresses additional infectious diseases, including Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C and more on a host of diagnostic devices.

To contact SystemOne, email:

For more information on GxAlert visit


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