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SystemOne Introduces Aspect Reporter™ at Union Conference

Aspect Reporter includes a small server which receives test results from the lab over cellular networks and a tablet that displays the results.

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SystemOne Introduces Aspect Reporter™ at Union ConferenceDramatically Accelerates Time to Result from Centralized Lab and Cuts Time to Treatment

Springfield, Massachusetts, Johannesburg, South Africa and Guadalajara, Mexico – October 10, 2017 -- SystemOne, the leader in disease intelligence for rapid detection and response, is launching Aspect Reporter™, a system that rapidly moves diagnostic results from centralized labs to remote clinics in infrastructure-challenged environments. Working in conjunction with Aspect™, the SystemOne platform for delivering diagnostic results, Aspect Reporter receives results from lab diagnostics like the Abbott m2000 Realtime System as soon as they are available. Stationed in a clinic that may be many miles away from the lab, the Reporter delivers results to clinical staff for immediate action.

In many places, centralized lab-based testing is required for management of diseases like HIV and TB. However, patients often live far from the lab and rely on local clinics to draw samples and deliver test results. Samples and test results must move back and forth over rough terrain, often on paper carried by hand and transported on motorcycles. The time to result can be weeks or months, during which results become clinically irrelevant. Aspect Reporter moves test results from lab to clinic in seconds.

“If the test shows that a patient’s treatment should change, the change can happen immediately,” says Aaron Oppenheimer, VP of Product Design for SystemOne. “In addition, if the centralized lab determines further tests are needed, the clinic is notified and can take action much faster than was previously possible.”

“In HIV, Aspect Reporter is poised to dramatically help reach the global 90-90-90 goals,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “With billions spent each year to keep HIV patients virally suppressed, delivering viral load test results in a timely manner is critical to saving lives and justifying investments.”

Aspect Reporter includes a small server which receives test results from the lab over cellular networks. The server can be powered with AC power, a battery, or by solar power. The system also includes a robust tablet display that clinic staff use to review the results as they arrive from the lab. Aspect Reporter can support multiple simultaneous users with additional tablets.

Pilot Program in Malawi:

SystemOne worked with Partners in Hope, UCLA Health Sciences, Project EQUIP, and USAID to develop Aspect Reporter and pilot it in Malawi. There, the device is being installed in dozens of clinics in 2017, reporting HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) results from central labs. In addition to the test data from Abbott m2000 Realtime Systems, the Aspect Reporter collects information from the laboratory information system to tie results to patients, so  clinicians can take action immediately. With Reporter, the time-to-result in Malawi is now limited only by sample transport time to the central labs. Aspect will also generate reports to show distribution of test results, patient demographics, test volumes and more - automatically.

About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing solutions for disease surveillance and response. SystemOne has offices in Springfield and Boston, Massachusetts and Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company’s new disease intelligence software, Aspect®, addresses numerous infectious diseases including TB, Zika, Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C and more, on a host of diagnostic devices.

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This initiative was in partnership with USAID


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