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SystemOne Launches Aspect Disease Intelligence Platform

Dramatic step forward in disease detection and response to link to treatment, curb outbreaks, and end epidemics

Image: Aspect provides flexible operational and clinical dashboards, with data from lab devices, POC, and RDTs in one place to enable better, faster decisions.

Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa – June 27, 2018 -  SystemOne today announced the launch of Aspect, a new disease intelligence platform based on the company’s work in over 40 countries. Aspect offers countries a proven means to understand disease burdens, accelerate response, and manage diagnostic equipment and supplies.

Aspect is a completely new iteration of a product that began as GxAlert, the first platform to connect GeneXperts in 40+ countries, managing nearly 5 million TB, Ebola, and HIV diagnostic results. Aspect extends these capabilities to connect to any device and handle any diagnostic data in any country.

Aspect offers advanced features for clinical and operational control, and provides an extremely flexible platform, with easily customizable reports and SMS, email and dashboard communications. Some of Aspect’s features include:

  • Delivering diagnostic results to clinicians, supervisors, officials and even patients

  • Collecting and protecting patient data

  • Linking diagnosis to treatment

  • Stock-out prevention and supply management

  • Supply use-rate analysis and forecasting

  • Device utilization and maintenance analysis

  • Fully customizable communication and reporting features

  • Advanced user permissions to control data access

  • Easy integration with laboratory information systems or EMRs

  • World-class data protection and security

“Medical diagnostics are the key to identifying and responding to disease as quickly as possible,” said Chris Macek, CEO of SystemOne. “Unfortunately, the power of diagnostics cannot be unlocked if data isn’t delivered and interpreted rapidly. If data can move faster than disease, humanity will win the fight against rapidly-spreading infectious diseases.”

“Today, around the world, our customers are deploying platforms ranging from electronic medical records (EMRs) to laboratory information systems,” said Aaron Oppenheimer, Product Manager for Aspect. “Our mission is to create the missing piece that ensures the rapid movement of actionable data through health systems, acting in concert with whatever other data systems a customer has. For regions or health systems that have no data infrastructure, Aspect can manage it all. Aspect ensures the right information gets to the right person at the right time in the cycle of care.”


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