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SystemOne Launches Aspect Reporter App for Real-Time Diagnostic Results Reporting and Link to Treatment

Reporter app accelerates achievement and monitoring for third 90 of 90-90-90 HIV targets

Springfield, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa – May 13, 2019 -  SystemOne has launched Aspect Reporter, an Android app designed to report diagnostic lab results back to clinicians and confirm patient links to treatment.  This improves upon earlier electronic notification methods to send test results using SMS or email. The Aspect Reporter app offers bank-level security and privacy of lab results while making them all available in the clinician’s hand. Additionally, the app allows for customized workflows so health-care workers can report on follow-up, acknowledge receipt, confirm patient treatment, and more.

Typically, turnaround time for paper-based infectious disease test results from centralized testing facilities can range anywhere from 2-6 weeks, and systems suffer challenges such as lost/misplaced results, delays in patient management, inability to confirm patients on treatment, sample losses, and patient loss to follow-up, all of which severely limit progress in infectious disease treatment programs.  

Aspect Reporter offers a simple user interface based on actual in-country workflows, in addition to features designed specifically for infrastructure-challenged areas. These include:

  • the ability to download results for a specified period for easy access and search;

  • offline mode that connects and downloads new results when in wifi range;

  • fully secure transmission and user access controls;

  • access to data from many centralized labs if needed;

  • support for multiple users; and,

  • the ability to confirm patients are on treatment.

“Aspect Reporter brings centralized testing to the point of care and helps verify that patients are linked to treatment,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “Because Aspect is disease- and device-independent, it can communicate any result from any device to Aspect Reporter. We anticipate immediate uses primarily in HIV Viral Load and TB testing.”

Click on image to enlarge: Example Aspect Reporter App showing key information accessible at the point of patient care: A) view, scroll and search for individual patient results by patient or sample ID, B) view individual test results and further details such as patient information, test result history and treatment information. The app also facilitates sample collection, monitoring of test turnaround times, confirmation of treatment and more.

A single lab can now deliver data to dozens or hundreds of clinics as needed, in real time or near real-time. The simple user interface design and critical features emerged from years of SystemOne’s work in the field and the company’s deep understanding of workflows in labs and clinics across 45+ countries.

In a pilot study conducted in Malawi in 2017, an initial version of Aspect Reporter improved result turnaround time by 95% and increased the reliability of result delivery to 100%.

The Aspect Reporter App is available for pilot programs today.


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