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SystemOne Launches Critically-Needed Inventory Management Module for Point-of-Care Medical Diagnostics

Addresses massive cost and logistical challenge for labs, clinics and health programs across the world

SystemOne Launches Critically-Needed Inventory Management Module for Point-of-Care Medical Diagnostics

Addresses massive cost and logistical challenge for labs, clinics and health programs across the worldNorthampton, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa, August 17, 2022 – SystemOne announced its new Inventory Module, an addition to the Aspect diagnostic connectivity software, designed to reduce costs and manage logistical challenges in clinics and distributed lab networks using point-of-care (POC) diagnostic devices.

Clinics, labs and health systems are rapidly adopting convenient POC diagnostic devices, yet these low cost and convenient devices rely on having a supply of perishable medical diagnostic reagents, which can become a cost-driver for labs and health systems.

“The business model underlying point-of-care medical diagnostics is a razor/razor-blade model,” said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne. “In this case the ‘razor blade’ is the reagent – often called ‘cartridge’ or ‘test’ – that is required for each diagnostic test. These can be expensive and have an expiration date after which they cannot be used. So they must be managed carefully to prevent waste and ensure adequate supplies and testing capacity.”

Supply chain problems can have disastrous consequences for private and public health systems and programs. “Inventory headaches provide a huge opportunity to save money: wastage and lost capacity amount to millions of dollars of annual costs for clinics and health systems,” said Brad Cunningham, COO, SystemOne. “Poor inventory management causes ripple effects up and down the supply chain: from a lack of needed testing supplies at clinics to a lack of real time demand intelligence so manufacturers and health system managers can provide labs with what they need.”


Aspect's intuitive dashboards allow users to quickly understand their supplies and manipulate them as needed.


The new Inventory Module was designed based on insights gained working in over 40 countries, with different health systems and within various disease areas, such as TB, HIV, Ebola, Zika, and COVID. Unlike many inventory systems which are built for ideal-world scenarios, the Aspect Inventory Module was designed for real-world situations. “Many systems don’t function perfectly,” said Cunningham. “Lab techs forget to scan an item. Manufacturers fail to put lot numbers on boxes. Inventory is damaged, lost or stolen. Reagents are inconsistently labeled, and more. One of the main motivations for doing this work was to try and create a fluid user interface for the inventory manager, allowing for easy inventory level adjustments and intuitive presentation of consumption & adjustments.”

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Inventory Module allows users to view in numerous ways and make changes as needed.


The Inventory Module enables clinics and health programs to:

  • Manage inventory distribution from warehouses or between labs and clinics

  • Record and verify moves from one location to another

  • Project inventory shortages or stock waste

  • Ensure that inventory with the closest expiration dates are consumed first

  • Flexibly manage and correct for lot, box and warehouse identifiers

  • See, add, remove, transfer or otherwise manage inventory on hand

  • Handle errors, such as negative stock numbers

  • Track expiration dates and manage to ensure minimal waste

  • Track consumption with connected diagnostic devices

  • Understand inventory on hand, and filter by site, date, region, country, disease stream, or type of consumable.

  • Easily see how inventory was used for rapid reporting

  • Fluidly adjust inventory levels based on actual stock on hand

SystemOne created Aspect to be fully customizable and is currently working with health systems, ministries of health, and health programs worldwide to ensure that Aspect’s Inventory Module is tailored to a wide range of different requirements.

About SystemOne:

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing solutions for disease surveillance and response. SystemOne has offices in Northampton, MA and Johannesburg, South Africa. The company’s new disease intelligence software, Aspect®, addresses numerous infectious diseases including Zika, Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C, TB, COVID-19, and more on a host of medical diagnostic devices.


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