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SystemOne To Host Connected Diagnostics Forum at ASLM

Practitioners, Donors and Governance Personnel Share Perspectives on Connected Diagnostics

All participants at the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) are invited to join us for a special seminar: Connected Diagnostics -- Innovative Strategies for Getting Patients onto Treatment Faster & Cheaper

When: Saturday, 3 December, from 13:00-17:00

Where: CTICC room location: 2.64-2.66


Ministries of Health, diagnostic device makers, and distributors.


The seminar will explore the new capabilities of “connected diagnostics” where laboratory or point of care (POC) diagnostic instruments are connected via secure mobile data networks to MOH-controlled servers and a copy of each test result is sent for analysis and action. First introduced in the developing world in 2012, connected diagnostics are now present in ~27 African nations and growing at an increasing pace. More than 50 percent of Cepheid’s GeneXperts in Africa are connected, and approximately 50 percent of Alere PIMAs are as well. Starting in 2016, an increasing number of other instruments and manufacturers have joined the trend because it has lowered risk and improved the value created by these diagnostics.

This new source of electronic data has proven extremely helpful for getting patients onto treatment faster, reducing stockouts and expired cartridges, and improving the quality of diagnostics. But, little has been shared about the economics, implementation challenges, or programmatic opportunities that connected diagnostics provide.

In this seminar, practitioners, donors, and governance bodies share their perspectives and limitations with Ministries of Health (MOH), medical device makers, and distributors in an effort to advance the community of practice and help more MOH’s gain even greater impact from their connected diagnostics investments. If you are new to connected diagnostics, this will provide an excellent primer of what to do. If you already have connected diagnostics in place, this seminar will demonstrate ways to improve the value you see from them.


  1. Understand the economics and potential outcomes of adopting a connected diagnostics strategy.

  2. Avoid the critical mistakes commonly made when implementing a connected diagnostics strategies.

  3. Realize greater value for your investment into a diagnostic instrument at much lower risk.


Jeff Takle, Chief Development Officer for SystemOne. Springfield, MA, USA.State of Affairs: Global overview of connected diagnostics, who’s playing, and what it takes to succeed.

Philip Chukwuka, MD, PhD, FRCP (Lond). WHO AFRO TB Laboratories Focal Point. Harare, Zimbabwe.

Monitoring Disease Outbreaks: Lessons from Ebola and Zika and the Future Role of Connected Diagnostics.

Heather Alexander, Global Health Division, U.S. Center for Disease Control. Atlanta, GA, USA.

Quality Assurance for Point of Care (POC) Through Connected Diagnostics.

Dr. Alan Schooley, Clinical Director, EQUIP-Malawi, UCLA School of Medicine. Lilongwe, Malawi.

Clinical Results Reporting: Malawi Use Case for Abbott m2000 VL/EID.

Greg Khoury, Technical Services & Training Manager, Alere, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Role of Distributors: The Potential for Connected Diagnostics to Improve Service Delivery

Dianna Edgil, Senior Advisor for HIV Laboratory Diagnostics USAID.

The Latest on Budgeting, Forecasting, and Implementing Connected Diagnostics


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